Best Tents with Stove Jack for 4-Seasons

So, you’re looking for the best tent with stove jack. You’ve arrived at the correct place! In this article we investigate stove jack tents that allow you to use a stove inside your tent. This tent is ideal for staying warm during cold conditions. In fact, some stove jack tents come with a stove included.

You may notice that there are only three tents in this review. This isn’t me being lazy, this is because many stove jack tents are poor-quality. You see, this is a type of tent that is hard to design correctly. While there are many camping tents with jack for stove, not all of them are recommended by us. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Best Tents with Stove Jack

  1. Russian Bear Winter Tent With Stove Included
  2. DANCHEL Cotton Bell Tent with Two Stove Jacket (Top and Wall)
  3. Barebones Outfitter Tent

How to safely use a stove jack tent?

Whenever using a hot stove, safety guidelines must be in place. It goes without saying, but most campers don’t take it seriously enough. You see, there is a risk of burning materials, overheating the tent, or even causing serious human injury.

Please follow the instructions below for the safest experience possible:

  1. The first step is to ensure that you have fire-retardant lining that won’t burn or melt under high temperatures.
  2. On the first go, we recommend igniting the stove outside of the tent. You see, doing this will allow any toxic smells to burn away.
  3. Ensure the storm flap is fixed far away from the pipe. If not, there is a risk that the flap catches fire.
  4. Make sure the hole is an ideal shape, which means not being too large. The last thing you want is rain or snow to leak inside onto your stove.
  5. You want the smoke and ash to leave the tent clearly and effectively, and the best way to do this is ensure the tent has proper structure. As such, you may want to use guy lines to keep the tent fixed down in windy conditions.

Installing your own stove jack

  1. When installing a stove jack yourself, you need to make sure it’s done in the correct position. We recommend placing the stove jack above the ridge of your tent. Doing so will allow winds to effectively blow away smoke and ash from the pipe.
  2. Have a tent floor made of vinyl, wood, or carpet? Then make sure you have placed a fireproof mat under your stove.
  3. Keep any flammable items far away from the stove. Generally, an acceptable distance is 2-foot. Highly-flammable items should be kept further away.
  4. For ultimate safety, you should bring a fire-extinguisher when using a stove jack. You can even go a step further by brining a portable carbon monoxide detector to ensure there are no toxic fumes in your tent. 

What is the benefit of a stove jack tent?

Tents with stove jacks allow you to insert a stove pipe through the wall or roof of the tent. They are great for allowing fumes to exit the tent, instead of staying inside. If you want to use a stove when camping, a stove jack tent is the best and safest way to do so.

How to install a stove jack?

There are multiple types of stove jack tents on the market, with the most popular being either steel flashing, rubber, or silicone.  

Rubber and steel – For a heavy-duty stock jack, you’ll want to use the rubber & steel variety. This type has a rubber interior, with a steel exterior to the outside of the tent.

Soft stove jacks – If you want a simply solution, you’ll want to use a soft stove jack. This type involves using Velcro or sewing. Soft stove jacks also come with an attached storm flap that can be rolled or folded back.


With so many stove jack tents to choose from, it’s hard picking just one. We recommend making a note of the size you require, your personal budget, or whether you need a portable stove jack tent — among other things.

Although different, the stove jack tents all allow you to enjoy comfortable camping, no matter the temperature outside the tent. Stoves can be used to heat your food, dry your clothes, or just to keep your family warm. Thanks for reading! Please do share this guide with your family and friends.