Best Tents for Desert Camping | Dust-Proof Desert Tents for Sandstorms

So, you’re looking for the best desert tent. You’ve arrive at the correct place! In this article we investigate desert tents that are perfect for managing dry-conditions and midday heat. Please not that while many camping tents exist, not all of them are ideal for desert camping. I’ve chosen the following three desert tents as they are the best in each category and they cover all situations you may find yourself in. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

1. Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow

We have a winner! Made from duck-canvas material, this is the ultimate desert tent.

Here have a strong desert tent made from duck-canvas material. It is built to protect campers from desert dusts and those harsh sandstorms. In fact, we believe the Kodiak Flex-Bow is the best dust-blocking tent for camping. If you want a shaded area that will keep you safe from the outside conditions, this canvas desert tent is the one you need. The duck-canvas material has a light color, which stops the material from soaking-up the sun’s rays.

With that said, this isn’t the cheapest desert tent on the market. Quality comes at a price. We still think that this tent offers excellent value for money, as it will provide a lifetime of use and you can’t put a price on comfort when camping in the desert. Essentially, the tent should be thought of as an investment.

Now, this isn’t the quickest desert tent to set-up, so we recommend practising before your trip. The last thing you want to do is spend hours in the heat trying to erect a tent. It should take 10-15 minutes to get everything set-up properly. You can watch the video below for help.

With thick, heavy materials, the Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow weighs nearly 70lb! As such, we would only recommend this tent for desert car camping, where you can drive to your pitch. The one saving grace is that the tent materials come in two separate bags, so the weight can be shared with another person during transit.

2. DANCHEL Cotton Bell

This is a another cotton desert tent, but has a bell shape and stove jack.

Here we have another cotton desert tent, but with a bell shape design that is perfect for camping in desert conditions. It is built in a similar way to the Kodiak Flex Bow, which makes it perfect for protecting you from sandstorms and high temperatures.

You can choose from a range of different sized dust-proof tents, but our favorite is the large desert tent that covers 216 ft² of ground. We think this is one of the best desert tents for parties and social gatherings. It has a round shape and sloping roof, which is perfect for entertaining guests. The greatest feature of this tent is that it allows you to use a tent stove, which means you can keep everyone warm during the cold night hours.

Thankfully, the sand-proof tent is a beige color, instead of a dark color that will absorb the sun’s rays. Furthermore, you can remove the base of the tent, which allows you to instantly create a desert canopy tent for ultimate airflow.

This material is heavy and thick, while also being fire retardant and waterproof. Basically, this tent will protect you from any weather that you come across. The large desert tent weighs an incredible 83lb, so only take this when desert camping from a car. We still think the benefits outweigh the negative weight, although the Kodiak Flex Bow is still our overall winner.

3. Coleman Instant Tent

If you want a portable desert tent that is easy to set-up, this is the one for you.

If you want a portable desert tent, the Coleman Instant tent may be the perfect choice for you. This lightweight desert tent erects in less than a minute, which means you can get out of the sun and into a pleasurable shade.

Just like other tents from Coleman, this is an affordable desert tent that will suit all budgets. If you’re not aware of Coleman, they are a camping brand that is well respected in the community.

Now, some of you may be concerned that this instant desert tent isn’t strong enough to withstand desert conditions, but this isn’t entirely true. The tent is build with a thick frame that is shaped nicely for windy weather. You can stake the tent into position, but you may want to upgrade the stakes, as the ones you will receive aren’t the strongest or longest. We love the reflective guy-lines, which means you can safely walk around the perimeter of the tent at night.

As an instant set-up tent for desert camping, this tent is incredibly easy and quick to set-up. In fact, my quickest time is under 1 minute, although it will take roughly 5 minutes on your first attempt. So, how is this possible? Well, the poles are already attached to the outside fabric, which means you simply need to unfold the tent and extend the poles into position.

How to pitch a tent in the desert

You may be surprised, but it isn’t any different from pitching a tent in mud or grass. However, you may need to use different stakes that go further into the ground. These stakes are long and wide. In fact, some desert stakes are a few feet long, which will keep your tent secure in the harshest of desert winds. It is also recommended to place a few large rocks or pieces of wood on the perimeter of your tent.


With so many desert tents for sale it is hard to know which one to get. You will need to think about the type of tent you need, whether you need a lightweight desert tent for portability, along with your personal budget.

Each of the three desert camping tents in this review has been chosen because they are the best option for their specific purpose. For example, the Kodiak Canvas is the best tent for sandstorms, whereas the Coleman is ideal if you want a quick set-up.