Best Camping Fridge UK

So, you’re looking for the best camping fridge for sale. You’ve come to the correct place! Now, summer camping is fun and relaxing, but you need some cool refreshments nearby. In this review we investigate portable camping fridges that keep your food and drink cool, no matter what the weather is like outdoors.

Every camping fridge freezer in this guide has been included due to their high-quality build that keep thousands of campers happy every year. Some fridges are ideal for days at the beach, while others are perfect for long holidays at the campsite. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Best Camping Fridge

  1. Dometic Combicool 3 Way Portable Absorption Cool Box
  2. VonShef Electric Cool Box
  3. Dometic CDF-36 Portable Compressor Fridge Freezer
  4. Mobicool Camping Coolbox
  5. Royal 3 Way Absorption Cooler

How to find the best fridge for camping?

Before you choose which camping fridge is correct for you, we need to consider a number of factors. Too often, people rush to buy the first camping fridge they lay their eyes on, only to be disappointed when they get to the camp site. Please consider the following factors to find your camping fridge.

Coolness – You need to take into account how cold you want to keep your food and drink. Do you want to keep them just below room temperature or icy-cold? You should also consider the climate that you will be camping in.

For example, those camping in the UK will have a large selection of camping fridge to choose from. You simply don’t need a fridge that can deal with super-hot conditions (let’s be honest, it is likely going to rain). The temperate around the coolbox will affect how cold it will be able to keep your food. However, there are compressor fridges that are able to keep the temperature constant.

Power – You need to consider if you’ll be able to keep your camping fridge powered for the whole trip, which usually involves access to mains electricity. You can keep your fridge connected to the car battery, but can you do this for the whole time? Glampers will have no problem, but those who like to backpack in the wilderness may come unstuck.

You essentially have two options: 1) fridges with good insulation, and 2) solar powered camping fridges. The second option is the best way to keep food cool while camping, but solar-power fridges for camping can get very pricey.

Noise – Now, this factor doesn’t’ affect how cold your food will be, but it will affect your enjoyment while camping. Although most fridges perform quietly, there are some that tend to hum. As such, be sure to read the product reviews before purchasing. Those who are “light sleepers” should pay special attention to this factor. Thermoelectric coolboxes are the loudest cool box as they require a constant fan. Absorption fridges are the quietest camping fridges, but they can run off gas so should be kept near the tent door, not door the bedroom.

Size – Now, you can have the best camping fridge in the world, but you can’t use it if the unit is too big for your tent. It’s a hard balancing act to get a camping fridge large enough to hold all of your food, but at the same time be portable enough to take camping. Typically, a family will need a 40L camping fridge, whereas a couple may be okay with a portable fridge freezer with 20L capacity. You need to consider the length of trip, quantity of food, the type of food you will be buying, and whether you need a small camping fridge or not.

Types of Camping Fridge

Now you know what separates a good fridge from the best camping fridge, let’s look at the different types of camping fridge on the market.

Compressor fridges

This is the most expensive type of fridge, which isn’t surprising when you consider the compressor fridges allow you to set the perfect temperature for your drink and food. Regardless of the weather outside, this fridge will keep the inside at a constant temperature.

This type of fridge uses mains electricity to run, but you can use your car battery. You will also be able to find solar-powered camping fridge alternatives, but they will come at an even higher price point.  They are mainly for frequent campers who can justify the price.

Thermoelectric Coolboxes

These are insulated boxes that can be powered via a campsite mains or your car’s electricity. They are designed to keep your refreshments cool, but they aren’t the best when left exposed in really hot weather. They are good for keeping for food and drink fresh for a day or two. Thermoelectric coolboxes are also noisy.

Passive Coolboxes

This type of coolbox is the cheapest camping fridge on the market. They don’t run on electricity, which means you have to use ice blocks to keep your refreshments cold. Passive coolboxes will keep your food and drink cold for a day or two, and then you will need to replace the freezer pack with another one.

Absorption Coolers

If you want the biggest camping fridge, you will likely want absorption cooler. They start at a size of 30L and are sometimes known as 3-way fridges. They are also one of the quietist camping fridges. Despite the quietness, the fridge is designed to keep large amounts of food cold during long-stay trips. The only negative is that absorption coolers are more expensive than the other types of cooler. The cooler can be powered can be powered by gas, 12v adapter, or 230v electricity.


So, those are our best fridges for camping! This guide will regularly be updated with the latest camping fridges for sale. Each of the 5 camping fridges in this review has been chosen due to their high-quality build and ability to keep refreshments cool for long periods.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this guide. Although reading about fridges isn’t the most exciting thing to do, it is important to choose the correct fridge for your specific needs. Please see leave a comment or send an email if you have any further questions.