Best Propane Camp Showers – Portable Hot Water Shower for Camping

So, you want to find the best portable propane showers for camping. Nothing beats camping in mother-nature, but all of us need to freshen up from time to time.  Now, some people think this isn’t possible, but you can enjoy piping hot showers with the aid of a portable shower unit.

Whether you want to clean off dirt or just relax under hot water, all products in this buyers guide are powerful machines that give a constant flow of heated water. You may notice that there are only three portable hot showers in this review, that’s because many are of poor quality and not recommend by us. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Best Propane Camp Showers

  1. Hike Crew Portable Propane Water Heater & Shower Pump
  2. Camp Chef HWD5 Triton Water Heater
  3. COSTWAY Tankless Propane Camp Shower

What is a propane camp shower?

Like the name suggests, this is a propane-powered shower that is built especially for camping and portable washing. This type of product is lightweight, powerful, and can be used anywhere with a power source.

Even though they are designed the same, some camp shower units are better than others. In fact, many are not recommend by us, that’s why this list only contains three products.

Where to buy a portable camping shower?

Now, you may know that you need a portable shower for camping, but where do you buy one?

You can actually purchase a camping shower from most hardware stores! Walmart, Target, and other outdoor stores should all stock the latest units. As with most purchases made these days, Amazon is the most popular choice.

 Regardless of where you purchase the unit from, make sure it comes with the manufacturer’s warranty.

How much does a propane shower cost?

Propane-powered showers are available in a wide variety of price ranges. Most are found in the high double digits, but some premium models go into three digit figures!

It depends whether you want a 2-5 gallon portable shower bag or a portable propane shower with all the latest features that has consistent all-day pressure.

If you have a family, it will be worth spending a little bit more on a more advanced model.

How long does pressured water go for?

Most pressurized showers for camping offer very amounts of pressure. Regardless of how the water is pressurized, you’ll be able to have 5-6 x 5-6 minute showers. This results in a total time of roughly 30 minutes, which is perfect for families or those who enjoy longer showers.

Now, that’s pressurized showers, but how long do propane showers last? Propane showers offer a far longer run-time. In fact, you’ll be able to get hours of consistent hot water!

How to maintain a propane camping shower

Like with your other camping equipment, you should ensure everything is dry before packing away. This means ensuring the tank is 100% empty before putting into its carry bag. You may also need to clean the hoses by running water through them to clean away any leftover grime. Essentially, you just need to ensure everything is rinsed and dried.

Do propane showers units allow for hot showers?

Yes! By using a propane shower unit you can enjoy hot showers in your tent. In fact, the powerful propane camp shower units are able to keep the water hot for hours on end, which is great for families. For example, the Camp Chef HWD5 is able to reach 150 degrees Fahrenheit and can output 5l of water a minute.

Solar showers units are far less effective at keeping water hot. As such, propane showers are the ultimate choice if you want to experience truly hot showers.


With such an array of propane camping showers on the market, choosing one is no easy task. You will need to decide on the power that you require, whether you require a lightweight camping shower for portability, and what potential accessories you may need to wash inside a tent.

This guide will be regularly updated with the latest and most recommended propane camp showers. Each of the 3 showers in this review has been chosen because of their high-quality. In our opinion, these are the best-in-class for their specific categories. With that said, the Hike Crew Portable Propane Water Heater is our overall favourite.